For Executives

We provide drivers for the busy executive to Maximize Productivity by working during transport to your appointments or events. Ride in the carpool lane – be dropped off at front door – no need to find or pay for parking. Don’t forget to have our driver take care of you errands while you are in your meetings.

For individuals

This service is great for taking you to appointments, or going out with family and friends to sporting events, fine restaurants, concerts and any other venues. Load up the car, share the fare; your personal driver will be waiting for you at each destination ready to take you to your next stop.

B2B Driver Staffing

DOD cultivates skilled employees in various areas of corporate transportation. We specialize in flexible contingency staffing that aids everything from school and senior shuttles to executive activities. We invest a great deal in the training of our drivers, so that they excel in customer service, vehicle familiarity, independent problem solving and most of all – safe driving. We are able to staff for cyclical ups and downs, and last minute absences and vacations days of your current drivers. We can keep your business running seamlessly. No need to grab an employee from another area or pay existing drivers overtime or double rates

Let us be your first thought for all driving programs.

Our Distinction

All of our drivers are OUR employees. Our rigorous training, customer service, security, background checks, set us apart from taxi or independent contract drivers. We have on-time guarantees.

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